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"Wagner with a touch of feedback." - This Is Music
"Effortless synchronicity at play" - The Skinny




"Sometimes we switch off the lights and play," revealed Pete, when asked about what being in Shutter is like.


"Just to see what it's like to play in the dark."

Highland act Shutter offer a distinctive and varied combination of musical flavours and grooves. Guitarists Matt Campbell and Pete Macdonald's fluid interplay is a result of years playing together, generating riffs and sonic textures that jump between the highly melodic and the very heavy. The solid bass and innovative drumming of brothers James and Will Roberts gives Shutter an almost dance-music like groove which has made them accessible to the many people in Scotland looking for something different from their music.

In their time together the band have been relentless in gigging and have played everywhere from Sounds in the Grounds Festival in Stornoway (Isle of Lewis) to Death Disco in Notting Hill's Arts Club in London, the Ironworks in Inverness and Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh.

Shutter have been lucky enough to have shared stages with some amazing bands including Deftones, Aereogramme, Pelican, Red Sparowes, The Twilight Sad, 65 Days of Static and Gallows as well as appearing at events such as Belladrum Festival, Rockness and Celtic Connections.

True of the music, certainly, but with Shutter it�s also about the strong friendship between the band members, who reveal they often hang out together, sometimes without the music, the rehearsals and the songwriting. All four have been in other bands that have their own histories and experience has taught the band that what they have with Shutter and each other is unique.

"Out of all the bands I've played in, this is the one that feels right. On a personal level, it's just amazing. We're all best friends� says Pete.

Fellow Guitarist Matt Campbell adds: "I like to use the word 'brother'.

Management: Steve Robertson management@shutter.tv